Art of Trash 2017 is Here!

It’s that time of year! All you environmentally aware artists can join the fun and submit your works of art to this year’s juried show, which runs from April 8 to April 29, 2017.

Complete details, deadlines, and requirements can be found in the Art of Trash 2017 Prospectus, which you can download at

Art of Trash 2016

The Art of Trash 2016 Show

Here are the artists who will be participating in our show, which opens Friday April 8, 2016!

If your piece is not on this list, please pickup your art tomorrow, Sunday, April 3, at the gallery, beginning at 10 am, or if necessary, Monday, April 4, at 10 am. Thank you!

Joy Webster Stitch It, Don’t Pitch It
David Webster The Shocking Lamp
George Webster Here Comes the Train
Toids Haiku
Toids Design, Nature’ Human O
Michael Worcester Cut of Faze Wave
Maydan Maui Revenge of the Reef Rubbish
Mark Johnson Phoenix Philodetritus
Jeanne Rodriguez Lei Down
Jessica Gerdel Kicked the Bucket
” ” Uno Dos Tres
Megan Kashinski Thirsty Fish
Al I’m A Doctor
” The Haiku Mosquito
Diana Drake Munchie Attack
” ” Pray for the Earth
Melissa Bruck The Stairway to Heaven is

Roxanne Braddix Child of our Ocean
Timothy Gunter Don’t cross me bow
” ” Steroid scooter
” ” Guitar playing bi-polar droid
Murphy Street Gears
” Music Lights the World
” Tommy
” Cam Man
Roxanne Braddix Harbinger
” ” Sea Horse
Vern Clayton War God
Deybra Fair My Little Sparrow
Robert Sargenti Smokin’ Gun
” ” Vinyl Grooves
Carrie Martinez Car Light Car Bright
Jens Curry Morgan jones Step Trip Omega Coconut

” ” Old Program/Tuning into Ancient

Angie Turner Seattlelite
” ” Puzzle Piece
Lulu’s Creations Cindy Wyman Trophy Truck
Lavahna Taylor Disc Suncatcher Mobile
” ” Disc Sata Light
Daniel Grantham Wheel of Progress
Chris Mithen Yours and Myna
Chris Mithen Best Dam Ever!
Jett Robidoux House of Whimsy
Miss Rivas 5th Graders Tuna 2032
Doug Allan Driven
” ” Iron Horse
Heig Beck Trash Hats
Daniel McLeod Kahului
Matt Holton Pe’ahi

Art of Trash 2016 Entry Form

Art of Trash 2016 will celebrate Earth Day from April 8th–30th, 2016. The goal this year is to find artwork that promotes creative reuse, stimulates environmental awareness and redefines how we view “garbage.” Are you up to the challenge? Maybe you know of someone who works with reusable materials and would like to enter this juried show.

Entry day is on Saturday, April 2nd. Please note that driftwood pieces, water feature pieces and works that include food are not accepted. The exhibition opens on Friday, April 8th and closes on April 30th.

Selected works will be exhibited at Maui Mall. The Art of Trash is presented by nonprofits Malama Maui Nui and SharingAloha.

Exhibit organizers will receive work from artists between 9:30am and 3pm on Saturday, April 2nd, at Maui Mall in the store space across from Thailand Cuisine. The entry fee is $15 per piece. Entry forms are available online at and or at the door on receiving day.

For more information and to see past exhibitions visit

The public is encouraged to attend the opening reception on Friday, April 8th, at 6pm at the Maui Mall Center Stage. The event will include the Maui Trashion fashion show, Robert Sargenti’s Junkyard Band, and Marenje performers. Attendees are encouraged to dress in trash.

Download and complete your entry form:

Entry Form!


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