Art of Trash Selected Work 2017

A big thanks to everyone who submitted art pieces in this year’s Art of Trash! The following pieces have been selected for Art of Trash 2017.

If your piece is not on this list, please pick it up tomorrow, Sunday, April 2nd at 10 am, Maui Mall or Monday, April 3 at 10 am.

And everyone be sure to come out for our grand opening and Trashion show at 6 pm Friday April 7!

Name, Title of Work

Joy Webster, Recyclepaedia, Vols 1-11
Melissa Bruck, Wishing Wheel
Mark Johnson, The Rastaferrite Band
Diana Drake, Fairyland
Tomas Glantz, Maui Cap Map
Alyssa Ramirez, The Dumping Demon
Michael Dieringer, Trash the Magic Dragon
Michael Dieringer, Being Humboldt Matter
Megan Koeberle, Don’t Be Jelly
Megan Koeberle, Mother Daughter Dance
Megan Koeberle, Light of Change
Megan Koeberle, Plastic; It’s a Wrap
Megan Koeberle, Honu Attitude
Kein Moore, Bit Byte Fish
Jan Hewlett, Litter Bugs
Karen & Don Gilmore, Don’t Feed the Gyre
Toids, Stay Broke? Try Call Herman
Maddison Hughes, The Rooster in the Wind
Mike Bohan, Ho’olawa
Tina Lia, Shenpa Wheel
Jefferson Stillwell, Orby
Tim Gunter, Bubbles
Tim Gunter, Opala Warriors
Tim Gunter, Planther
Tim Gunter, The Trump Library
Tim Gunter, Dream Boat Annie
Tim Gunter, Elaplant
Tim Gunter, Oops, Caught with My Plants Down
Tim Gunter, Tee Time for Captain of the Ski Club
Dylan Falces, Cubist Couture
Dylan Falces, Sustainable Gaga
Dylan Falces, Flashback Friday:2016/2017 Edition
Lenny Bonggo, Empty Shell (43)
Pam English, Crying Fish
Pam English, Hairy Thinks He’s a Fish
Esther Anne Wilhelm, From the Inside Out
Robert Sargenti, Water Under the Bridge
Robert Sargenti, Devils Haircut
Don Smith, Mill Scrap Vases
Don Smith, Sugar Past
Becky Lewis, Beach Trash Cat
Becky Lewis, Bicycle Burden Basket
Patrick Termulo, Duck Tape
Chris Mithien, Vintage Nene
Chris Mithien, Vintage Table
Chris Mithien, Totem Enlightment
Rachel Heckscher, Set of Copper Eyeglasses
Deybra Fair, Let’s Go Fly a Kite
Deybra Fair, Fishing for Love
Laurie Furumoto, Chicken Kettle and Her Little Chicks
Kyshalee Valdez, Galaxy Peacock
Katrina & Makenna Rabang & Cockett, Butterfly
Laura Dodson, A Woman’s World
Marra Ah Nee, Bearly Together
Jessica Stackpoole, Unsubscribe
Murphy, Life with a Twist
Murphy, Some Birds Only Sing
Dylan Newbro, Midas Touch
Amanda Brightbill, Clean Earth Dreams
Charles Vallieres, Greet the Sacred Cow
Charles Vallieres, PouBell Baleine
Charles Vallieres, Girraffe Aftermath

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