2014 Art of Trash Entries

Art of Trash Entries 2014

Thank you for entering the Art of Trash, 2014. Here is a list of pieces that will be exhibited beginning April 25 – May 17, 2014. If your piece is not listed please make arrangements for pick up tomorrow at 10 am and Monday at 10 am.

Artist Name Title of Work
Carla Thistle Revised Plans
Carla Thistle Innerwork
Joy Webster The Cat’s Chair
Cecile McMahon Vogue Bowl
Cecile McMahon 82732580002
John L Wilson III Chrome Clucker
John L Wilson III Calvin Cooler
Lori Shinsato Take Actionista’s Statement Necklace
Jessica Gerdel Just A Wee Bit
Jolyn Bien D/A Convergence
Linda Castro Picasso
Timothy Gunter Birdie by #2 Wood, Duck
Timothy Gunter Rambongo
Timothy Gunter Out for a Mint Ride
Timothy Gunter Light Headed
Timothy Gunter I Can Just Hang Here
Timothy Gunter Swiss Army Personal Android
Terry Beitler Heckle & Jeckle
Lynne Bear Please Don’t Label Me
Lynne Bear/Linda Schoen Time to Detox!
Toids Re-tired
Toids Eggs-Istential Terror
Worm Bearly Magical
Heig Beck Wheeling Water
Diana Drake One Story Leads to Another
Stacy Panlasigui Drone World of Wall.E
Betsy Winters Evolution of Trash
Dawn Roberts Tom’s Foot Joy
Emelia De Castro Leftovers from an Art Show
Kawelo Wong Cap’n Jack
Eva Lingel Plastic/Glue/Scissors
Daniel Raikes Bob Marley
Anna Severson & class Make-up Lady
Anna Severson There is so much junk on TV
Wesley Furumoto Wilde Mountain Chyme
Rayden Haber I Like Trains
St. Anthony Art Club Mushu
Yvonne Santos Gluegun Pagota Goat
Yvonne Santos Rat Race
Laurie Furumoto Hard Driving Roadrunner
Laurie Furumoto Badda BOOM Box
Yvonne Santos My 1st Louis Vitton
Yvonne Santos Paint Can Vanity
Yvonne Santos Parisian Opala Lamp
Puamana Puamana Colada
Yvonne Santos Drifter Goat
Yvonne Santos Electric Paintbrush Flower
Robert Sargenti Gig Rig
Robert Sargenti Kryp
Robert Sargenti Thrasher
Yvonne Santos Opala Soji Screen
Murphy Bugged Out
Linda Murphy Egg Heads
Melissa Bruck Hue-Man-i-Tea
Lenny Banggo Spoon & Fork Star
Tracy Tarlow Many Birds Were Saved
Marta Vilaseca No Joke Mate
Marta Vilaseca Living Colour
Michael Nowak Mele Nahiku Jungle Décor
Danny H April in Kuau
Danny H Striped Towel Combine
Jason Runyan The World Inside
Colby Tam Shark Attack
Chris Mithen Canned Fish
Kelly Sullivan Let is Be Eisel
Deybra Fair Song of a Broken Princess
Yvonne Santos Recycled Foo Dog Orchid Garden
Don Shamblin Afternoon of the Faun